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OrangePi 2G IoT Raspian booting problems
Hey OrangePi Club

I have downloaded Raspbian Server ( ... 367e8175b1c992.html) and flashed it on a Class 10 Micro SD-HC with 8GB. I connects itself to a hotspot where the SSID and the PSK are both 'orangepi'. A few seconds after the connection to the hotspot is established I am able to ping my OrangePi (I assume SSH could also work but within that timewindow i wasn't yet able to connect). But then someting crashes and the OrangePi doesn't respond at all. 

And now I don't really know what to do Sad  I would love to give you guys the serial debug output, but that doesnt't work. I am using a CH340G USB to TTL adapter with a BAUD Rate of both 511200 and 921600. Tried it with Putty and kermit, but there is just no output. But as an alternative I can offer you a dump from all the files from /var/log/messages, you can get them from here:!2c8nzaoB!8X8sO6GTuoH-i...1sVhToiALY . Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this problem?? Please let me know

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