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RetrOrange Pi 4.0 (update from 3.0.1)
Hello guys,
As expected by the vast majority of users, ROPi 3.0.1 to 4.0 update will work by script, without the need of reflashing your sdcard all over again. We hope this version to be more user-friendly and easily upgradable.
Full images will take a little more time to be available, as Harryzimm has been VERY busy with real life lately. We hope to read your feedback on our forums soon, so we can fix any bug before flashing the final images.
The automated script will backup your configs, keeping your roms and metadata intact, so you should not be worried (too much). If your data is very unique, it’s wiser to backup Big Grin
Update instructions :
  1. Quit to terminal (from EmulationStation start menu or simply by pressing F4).
  2. Download the updater: wget
  3. Give it execute permission: sudo chmod +x
  4. Run it: sudo -u pi ./
  1. Make sure you have 1GB of free space, before running the update. Script will remove update files after completion , so don’t worry.
  2. It’s possible to update from SSH. Please log with user pi , not root (ever)
If all goes well, you should get a confirmation at the end asking you to reboot your board.
Hello Guys!

To have an upgrade script it is over my expectations! Smile Some of the configs are a bit messed up on my sd-card caused by an upgrade operation that I did not know I should not do. After the updater, will I get a default setup for the systems and emulators with the default packages?

Thanks in advance!
We recommend flashing 3.0.1 image again, mappping your controllers and then running the 4.0 updater.
Hello. Im trying upgrading and in the step of sudo -u pi ./ appears on the screen 1: : Syntax error: redirection unexpected. Thanks for your help.
if appeared, you probably missed the slash. The correct command is "sudo -u pi ./" , sudo space -u space pi space ./
Fixed,  I had put two o in retrorange and had downloaded the file incorrectly. Big Grin Thanks
(11-03-2017, 06:39 PM)alexkidd Wrote: if appeared, you probably missed the slash. The correct command is "sudo -u pi ./" , sudo space -u space pi space ./
Is there a script to upgrade to 4.1 as well? I am on 4.0...

BTW the upgrade to 4.0 went flawlessly... Great job!!!
Sorry , probably an upgrade for some updated content. A complete update would break it (changing Armbian 5.23 to 5.35)
Is there the version for Orange PI Zero Plus 2 H5?
No, there is no available drivers.

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