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Scraping from EmulationStation can be a very tedious process. A great alternative is the SSelph Scraper.  Here are basic instructions for scraping, especially video as it's a new feature supported by RetrOrangePi.

1. quit Emulationstation as required by the scraper. (press F4)
2. run the following command: "sudo ./RetroPie-Setup/"


3. install scraper  - Manage packages - opt - scraper (last option)
4. go back to main menu - Configurations - scraper


5. change setting to match exactly the image above
6. choose option 1 or 2 (to scrape all or chosen systems)
7. reboot board from menu
8. when EmulationStation is run again, change UI settings, making sure your theme supports videos. Please refer to


9. Now you should have your videos showing automatically

the names need to be exact?
it tries to match thegamesDB hash data. Roms downloaded from common server are known to work fine with the scraper.

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