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have to rename intellivision roms?
Please be patient i'm still somewhat of a noob.  I got intellivision (jzintv) emulator working but for some reason it appears to be expecting truncated file names.  When I try to run a game it will error out saying it couldn't find any of the acceptable rom files.  ie etc etc.  When I truncate the rom file it will work.  ie. astrosmash (world).int ->  Is this just how it is or am I missing something to make it work without renaming the files?
yes, unfortunately, filenames can have no spaces for some emulators to run them properly. There are some batch renamers , if you google it, it could be an easy fix, i renamed my roms in a few seconds.
it's also recommended to avoid any special characters like ( ) ' . Replacing by a _ should fix

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