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USB roms
Hello everyone,
I have a problem.
After updating to ROPI 4, the ROMs via USB do not work.
I also formatted in fat32, created the retropie-mount folder, Ropi has created all the necessary folders.
So far all right.
But when I launch the roms I return to emulationstation.
In runcommand log there is written
[libretro INFO] Loading / home / pi / RetroPie / roms / nes / Race America (U) .zip ...

[WARN Booklet] An error occurred while loading the file.
[INFO] Environ SET_MESSAGE: ROM loading failed ...
[ERROR] Failed to load content.

the same roms if launch on the SD runs smoothly and also creates the .srm file, while on USB it does not create it.
To end if the USB launches a roms not zip, it starts up.
I thought it was a problem of writing permissions but I can not change them.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you
FAT32 does not have, by default, read/write privileges, we're investigating the issue for a workaround. Most likely remount the drive at boot. We're testing scenarios.
Okay, I'm waiting for something new
in case I find the solution I carry it here
I have umount and re mount but always not work.
change permission with chown not permitted
and chmod 777 not have effect

I have also tried retropie-setup on the reset permission but equally permission not allowed.
If the USB pen formatted under armbian?
ok, the problem is that,
i took another usb pen, i formatted it with gpart, i created the retropie-mount folder with permissions for PI read and write and copied all the folders, and so far the read and write permissions are ok.
When rebooting, when the pen is mounted automatically, permissions for PI are deleted and changed for ROOT.
Now what is the command line that takes the USB pen to boot?
It's the problem.
i think you can fiddle with /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf

there is a FS_MOUNTOPTIONS you can tweak it, try and let us know,

edit: /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf
Sweet, will change default settings in usbromservice
Ok perfect
Another question, usbmount will works when use Sata Connection?
In this case Orange Pi Plus 2.

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