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Orange pi lite not run RetrOrange 4.1
Orange pi lite not run RetrOrange 4.1

[Image: 2cTWjfE.jpg]
image was tested OK, try different applications to fully format the sdcard and to flash the image.
(11-26-2017, 03:18 PM)alexkidd Wrote: image was tested OK, try different applications to fully format the sdcard and to flash the image.

Unfortunately, I confirm the issue.
U-Boot "dumps core" or whatever it called after couple of seconds. Then reboot, and boot loop.

I tried on same SD card, which was used for 3.x version. Then tried another card, another PSU. Finally I downloaded "some armbian image" from official site and tried - it booted without any issues on same hardware.

Please, check. I already build a very custom retro-rig, with 90s style authentic ZX-Spectrum keyboard Smile based on OpiLite. Don't want to switch to lakka Smile.

If interested, pic is here:!Ar6PXwLMyMtKj_E5s7FrlSSYcAy-aQ

Still little hope for upcoming "slim" version, if there will be one.
There is little we can do, it seems to be hit and miss,maybe because we use a custom boot with a FAT first partition so windows users can fix bugs with boot. Using linux 'dd' command, i have a 100% successful rate, as many users on the forum.
Slim will happen, likely in a week we hope.
Well, I tried on Mac with both Etcher and native DD.
Anyway, my concern is - huuuge bmp is loaded and right after this segfault/whatever happens.
May be I will disable logo completely or swap it with something smaller.
I will give a try with Linux dd, formatting (but this definitely does not make sense, since card is fully overwritten with image) and will seek for other card models.
Can you just confirm that image downloaded from website was tested - I mean downloaded, unpacked, flashed ?
Unfortunately, mine isn't booting, too
Yes guys, all images work. It seems a bug with certain screens and video converters. We will try to fix today. Please keep posted.
(11-26-2017, 03:10 PM)phenomena Wrote: Orange pi lite not run RetrOrange 4.1

[Image: 2cTWjfE.jpg]

Hello, I have the same problem in a Pi One  Confused
Bug fixed. Please delete boot.bmp from sdcard first FAT partition.
All OK deleting boot.bmp

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