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[QUESTION] OPi Lite & RetrOrangePi 4.1 does not connect to WIFI.

I have been testing with the Image of the RetroPi for OPI Lite and the Desktop image of ARMbian 5.36 and in appearance with the ARMbian it is always connected and with retrorangepi it is very unstable, it connects when you want ...
I find it a scam because in theory RetrOragePi 4.1 is based on the same version of ARMbian (the v5.36).

Is it possible that you touched something when you created the RetrOrangePi 4.1 image that made the Wi-Fi connection unstable in the OPI Lite? Do you think I should set something up?

Thank you.
ROPi 4.1 is based on 5.34, not 5.36. There was a bug with the DNS resolving, fixed a couple of days after release. We're not having instability reports lately. Anyway, as soon as we return from holidays, we should be able to implement latest Armbian bugfixes.

Thanks for answer so soon. It is true is based on 5.34 but after updating the system remains at 5.36 (today) anyway that is irrelevant because the problem persists before and after updating.

I would be happy to know that you have a look. comment also the following tests that I have done with the following elemets:

- RetrOrangePi 4.1 (for Lite and PC +)
- Orange Pi Lite and PC +
- ARMbian 5.36 (for Lite and PC +)
- Source Alimetacion 2A and 2.5A

All possible crosses have given me the following results:


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