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Dosen't boot after EMMC Install
(01-29-2018, 10:33 AM)alexkidd Wrote: Try running ./ from the RetrOrangePi folder without sudo . Double check the emmc_install_v4.SH if it contains the mounting line

it's working, thx
First of all - thanks for your great work.
Second - no hard feelings as I broke my second eMMC install while doing stuff. I'm the one to blame! Smile

So, after one or two tries that failed I've installed to eMMC on Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H3, but (forced) kernel upgrade broke it. Then I tried the same with my SD card and also kernel upgrade broke SD card boot.

So few questions comes to my mind:
- is it safe to upgrade kernel at all? and as "at all" I mean to "force" upgrade (install -y), because it was listed in apt list --upgradable, but was not "planned" for normal upgrade. I've forced it with install -y
- if above is "not safe", then is it safe to upgrade when it want to upgrade?
- is it safe/recommended/not recommended to upgrade kernel after eMMC install?
- if it is safe no matter what, what should I choose? "freeze" armbian kernel, unfreeze? and, if any, why? Smile
- is 3.x kernel version because of some nonworking features in 4.x "armbian" series?

Not sure, but so many questions, that it should be a new topic...

Have a nice day!
Actually, it's not recommended to mess with kernel stuff. Mali hardware acceleration only works on legacy 3.4.113 kernel so there are kernel packages on hold already. Since v4, it's probably not unsafe, but it wont bring no real benefits AFAIK. If you really need an updated package , install it individually from command line. We're tweaking the system so it wont break if user updates/upgrades stuff, but it's not easy to control upstream changes and their effect on the system.

When we are aware of improvements, update scripts will be available.
Great, thanks, I wont force kernel updates then. Smile

I just wonder why it breaks as this was an update between 3.4.x and 3.4.x, not like a huge leap forward to 4.14.x or so. Smile But it seems to be some kind of uboot magic that are for high level wizards. And I asked about 4.x, because there are some rumors around...

Also this threa at armbian forum looks interesting. I think I will break my install few more times... Wink
Maybe it's not uboot as i upgraded to latest armbian uboot (default 5.38) and it booted fine. About mainlining, there are still lots to do on our side.

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