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WiFi doesn't work on ROPi OPi PC+ USB dongle
Hi, I have an OPi PC running ROPi 4.1 (the first .img released in your website) and a WiFi USB dongle (the cheapest you can find in AE).
I used armbian desktop to put my password and connect to my home internet. I can transfer files through my local network but I can't download themes or use Firefox. It doesn't show an IP either. Wifi works well in OpenELEC.

What can I do? Thanks!!
read this thread
I'm not a Linux user so I don't know anything about commands however I looked for information and I did it! Thanks!

How can I get the latest fixes without flashing the sd again? Can I use RetroPie or RetrOrange Pi update script?

Yes, you can, we added a hotfix to RetrOrangePi updater, so it's a good call. Just dont go updating RetroPie from source, long and mostly useless process. Just update RetroPie-Setup script to install new content, like Streets of Rage remake we added a couple of days ago
Ok, thanks. One last question, how can I add the "favorites" section to main menu? Depends on the theme used? Because NesMini theme has favorites section but comic book theme doesn't.

as you can see, both themes have the auto-favorites folder, so Comic Book is supposed to show favorites folder as well. i'll try to reproduce the bug, if there's one

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