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Remove RetroPie menu but keep Kodi

Ropi 4.1 on Opi Lite here.

I removed RetroPie-Menu. How do I add Kodi as a standalone system w/ logo? What is the command to start Kodi - after removing RetroPie-Menu?

I've been messing with it for hours, so I will get into detail here:

After removing 'RetroPie Menu' (main core package) from RetroPie-Setup I seem to have lost Kodi from the list of ES-systems (as its own system). To add Kodi as a system, I followed this manual: - However, the command 'kodi-standalone' just returns a bunch of errors (not going into detail). Not to mention I now lost the logo and the whole theme on system Kodi.

After re-installing RetroPie-Menu from source (from the setup) I seem to have the old 3.1 menu. I managed to download the 'RetrOrangePie' directory from another working Ropi 4.1 and re-uploaded it. The menu has returned and I am able to start Kodi from the RetroPie menu. But none of the .sh or .SH commands work. Either 'qjoypad: cannot connect to X server' or a Segmentation fault or kodi exits in an unclean state (without even booting).

Or is there a way to disable the menu without losing Kodi? I am pulling my hair out now - please help..
Honestly, its so messy it should be easier to reflash the image. Removing retropie menu is not/won't be supported as it contains our RetrOrangePi menu as subfolder. At least for now, maybe we can add the feature later.
Kodi is our own port, RetroPie howtos wont work.
The one thing you might wanna try is running the following command inside RetroPie/retropiemenu folder to get our menu working again:
git clone

Then you can copy kodi folder to roms, scripts would have to be fixed, es_systems.cfg as well

Visit our github and make a request so we try to add/develop when we can

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