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Uae4arm : some bugs

I'd like to report some bugs.

First, my config : orange pi pc, fresh install from the available v4 image.

Here's what I have observed :

Bug 1 (selecting a config resets Amiga)
- the first time uae4arm is run, it's possible to click on the different configs.
- load the first Amiga 500 config
- switch to another tab (memory...)
- go back to configurations : selecting the Amiga 500 config now resets the Amiga. 

Bug 2 (saving configuration exits the emu)

- launch uae4arm
- go to rom tab, pick a rom (e.g. kick13.rom)
- go back to configurations
- click on save : uae4arm exits, back to ES

Bug 3
- savestates are not working. Saving just does nothing...

I hope this helps

I will try to reproduce these bugs, but if i recall correctly, saving worked for me.
Can you describe what exactly are you trying to achieve? Saving configurations is not really needed when you runs games directly from EmulationStation, you just have to set default config to Amiga-500 and change to Amiga-1200 when necessary. Works almost 100% for me.
I'll make a video too.
UAE4ARM menu is kinda buggy indeed, and it wont be easily fixed, since it's a RPI port, not OrangePi. But you can workaround to avoid them.

1. Update RetrOrangePi from our submenu
2. Run the UAE4ARM launcher ,make sure the "emulator" chosen in launcher
3. Click the rp-a500 config, press F12 in case it resets

4. saving states works fine also. Check video below, running rom from EmulationStation
I think some people are missing your answers @alexkidd because they forgot to subscribe to their thread. I would make it default to every OP on this forum if not for every posters as well...?
Good suggestion, i'll look for the feature.

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