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Wii u pro controller not working

Registering my Wii u pro controller (Chinese knockoff) is working, but I'm not able to use it. When trying to connect, one of the four blue leds should be on, but it's not the case. 
I'm able to use it with the retropie distribution on a rpi3.

My config : orange pi pc, and a bluetooth dongle I got on AliExpress (csr 4.0).

Really strange as it was correctly detected in the Bluetooth menu.

Any help is welcome Smile

Not supported by us (we dont have any wii u pro to test). Also, RPI3 has latest kernel, we use old legacy kernel.
Will pin your thread so someone who has it can be more helpful
I don't know if it is the same with wii u pro, but wiimote works great with molten gamepad in retrorangepi.

Follow method 2 (moltengamepad) until bluetoothctl:

Then follow this:

Note that it is important to use the red pairing button when pairing even if you read something else:

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