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Orange pi lite retrorangepi 4.1 won't boot
I got all the games loaded shut it down and now it won't boot back up. It gets stuck on loading screen. The sound also cuts off a second after loading screen pops up like it froze or something
when thousands of roms are added , system probably runs out of memory and crash EmulationStation. Check this thread =>

if you know how to use SSH (Putty), do it remotely, otherwise you will have to remove some roms to be able to boot again
Ah ok well I guess I'll just edit my rom list and only transfer the best ones
i had updated the lr-picodrive, so i can play 32x roms with no lag, but after that, i got that same error.
Already tried to delete the lr-picodrive folder on /opt/retropie/libretrocores/ but i can't "Permission Denied", im using WinSCP to access the files through windows, but since got that freeze only via ethernet.

There's something i can try? Or ill have to start from zero again?  Sad

Orange Pi One
ROPi 4.1
try to delete genesis rom folder from WinSCP , because it seems to cause an endless loop.
trying but when i turn off and turn on, the folder is there again, with something that i think is a shortcut name "megadrive"
i use the megadrive for my roms, already tried to delete this folder too, but again, when power off and on the folder is back with all roms

edit: Cant try now, but i think the solution for this "cant delete" thing is that i wasn't logged as root, as soon as i can test i post if it works or not

edit 2: SOLVED! Working fine again, thanks

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