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Help! DosBox: the system hang up when I start keymapper
Hello to all! I need some help... whatever I do, when I try to start the DosBox keymapper (with ctrl+f1 or with -startmapper), system hang up and I have to do a hard reboot of my orange pi.  Who khows, what the problem?
(Orange PI PC, retrorangepi v.4)
we'll try to reproduce the error and look for a solution. Please keep watching the thread.
Thanks, I'll be waiting for a solution
Found a workaround: go into desktop mode, open a terminal session and run:

sudo apt-get install dosbox
/usr/bin/dosbox -startmapper

Add your new bindings
Save the mapping
Quit dosbox
Back to terminal, run:

pluma ~/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74-ES.conf
remove -ES from the mapper file name so it loads instead

Confirmed working , added quit keys to Prince of Persia ( Ctrl as L1 and Q as R1)
It works fine! Thank You!
But there are something strange: when DosBox using the mapping file, it is not recognize Ctrl+F9 combination. So, there is no way to interrupt program execution. Is it normal DosBox behavior?
since Dosbox runs in the framebuffer (terminal mode, no windowing manager, i.e, Armbian Desktop), it probably conflicts with the terminal window switcher (Ctrl + F1, 2,3 etc) . To quit dosbox, you can just quit the game after running from emulationstation (default executable passes -exit parameter, so after quitting the game, will return to ES) OR type exit from DOS terminal.
Thank you for the informative answers! I will assume that it is a feature of DosBox Smile

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