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8bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad
Hi all,

Is it possible to connect my 8bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad to my Orangepi lite.

I have a bluetooth dongle but after that i'm at a bit of a loss... i have been watching video's on how to connect it to raspberry pi but i can't seem to figure it out for my orangepi lite.

Thanks for any help
which ropi version do you have? I updated from 3.0 to 4.0 and bluetooth was blocked by hardware but after excute command "rfkill unblock all" it started to work again
also , from command line, sudo apt-get install bluetooth
Just found out some packages were missing... maybe it helps
Can you tell us if it working ? Thank you
(02-26-2018, 10:48 PM)m2m13 Wrote: Can you tell us if it working ? Thank you

Yes, it works.
Just plug your BT dongle, Lan cable and go to bluetooth setting.
It will update all necessary files.
After all BT related files are installed, search your 8bitdo gamepad again!!!!\

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