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Cross Upgrade.
Hi all,
i have a strange request.
Is possible to update/setup an image (in my case orange pi one) on a different system (Orange pi pc).
I have to update the system of my Girlfriend but is not easy to transport (is a small box full of glass stones) and the update will be long there is also a service that send info to send info to a arduino that fade some leds to show the status.
I tested the orange pi one image and boot withotu problems.
Windows when find different hardware change configurations files etc, but linux should not.
So if i have different hardware maybe i have not working devices but i think that image will not modified.
Is it correct?
After the upgrade the image should work without problems on orange pi one like it was installed on it?
Usually yes, between OPi PC and One, all you have to do is change the script.bin, otherwise, you'll get ARISC errors (tries to reach OPi PC max 1296mhz while OPi One is limited to 1200mhz) and USB ports not working .

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