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TVout LCD too bright on opi zero - fix
Hey guys,

Problem : when using opi zero TV-out on a small 3.5" LCD screen I had a LCD that was too bright, washed out.
Someone gave me the solution : a 50ohm resistor should be added between TV-out and ground. This resistor is included in the other opi boards but not in opi zero.

You can check orangepi PC schematic for example for full schematic (there is also 2* 150pF capacitors and 1* 1.8uH inductor). Only the 50ohm resistor is needed for the bright problem, but rest can help with interferences. I quote below :

Quote:The resistor alone will get the brightness under control.
The other parts form an RF filter which will also reduce the amount of unwanted EM radiation you produce - the signal generator they're using is very simple and will generate a lot of frequencies you don't want.
If you don't put the filter in place, I wouldn't put it close to your WiFi router or any TV tuner using a terrestrial tuner, and I'd expect Wifi performance for your Orange Pi to drop a fair bit. 
On a Opi zero, Wifi is always abysmal, so it would be hard to notice.

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