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so I did an update through either retorpi or orangepi, to make sure everything was up to date.  now when or if I try to access any of the setting in retropi I get an error message;
home/pi/ file not found.
Also when I use the shutdown feature either through retro or Armbian it spits out a lot of 'stuff' (it scrolls to fast to read) and the very last few lines say something like: 
Error can not kill CPU 1
Error Can not kill CPU 2
Error can not kill CPU 3
Error Can not kill CPU 4

then it just reboots.

I will just reinstall the image, I read (on Facebook) some dude was having simillar issue with his laptop, when he went to do and update, things/features on his system started to fail, 
so should I stay away from updates ( I usually don't get my Damn Dirty Windows Updates, still running win7)
missing some important info: board model, retrorangepi version, how/what exactly did you update, etc
sorry yeah guess that'd help, eh.....
Opi Pc + retrorangepi ver 4.1, and I did updates through the retropi and retrorangepi settings (through emulation Station), not too sure which update went horribly wrong, but I will record al the updates I do this time so I can be more precise
I tried " git reset --hard " as I read somewhere that might help, but I got an error that my packages or index (can't remember exactly) were corrupt, So I am reinstalling fresh image from orangepi sebpage.
In general, updating all retropie packages is not a good option yet, there are some packages needing small tweaks because they were designed to raspberry pi. So the Windows theory applies here too.

About not finding files, it's a common misassumption. is owned by root , so you need to run it as sudo. BTW, running as root instead of adding sudo can also open a can of worms.

last, but not least, when CPU's are getting killed, you probably have an overheating issue. This happens when you dont have a heatsink or cooler.

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