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delay for load overlays
my retrorange pi (last version) takes about 40 to 50 seconds to load the overlays. And in the meantime my control does not work until the overlay is loaded.

Has anyone ever experienced this ?
Which overlays are you testing, so we can try to reproduce it?
Furthermore, which controllers?
Hi Alex.

this is the overlay

and i use a ps3 dualshock 3.

the stranger I did all the configuration of my retrorantepi on a benq screen (and everything was ok).

And when I connected the LG TV (42 ") began to present these problems
Tested default installation, 720p, also dual shock PS3 on Bluetooth, it worked fine, but your overlay has wrong settings , cfg contains mismatched filename.png, it works almost instantaneously, once fixed

There are some awkward video bugs we're investigating. Anyway, make sure you have a reliable power supply and proper airflow to prevent overheating..

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