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Retrorangepi + tft 2.4" screen spi ili9341
Great implementation of this screen (thanks to BB-CP - A replacement for FBTFT + FBCP) :

For OrangePi Zero:

1. Download image from (it’s ip, or go to and change download link, cuz on site placed wrong file name for OPi Zero)
2. Write it to your SD Card
3. Connect UART to your OPi and boot.
4. After boot run:
$ sudo nmtui
Choose “Activate a connection” and setup your wi-fi. After then run:
$ sudo dhclient wlan0
Test connection and update system ?
$ sudo apt update && apt upgrade
5. Cloning git’s:
$ git clone
$ git clone
6. Edit and compiling it:
$ cd SPI_LCD
$ nano spi_lcd.c
// uncomment #define USE_ORANGEPIZERO and #define USE_GENERIC, and comment another variants
7. Save file and compile:
$ make
8. Compile BB_CP:
$ cd ../BB-CP && make
9. If compilation done without errors try to run it:
! Don’t repeat my mistakes: gpio pin 15 is gpio3, --lcd_led 3 is wrong ?
! And don’t forget sudo! It’s second stupid mistake ?
$ sudo ./bbcp --lcd_dc 13 --lcd_rst 11 --lcd_led 15
If you get white screen, press Enter and try:
$ sudo ./bbcp --lcd_dc 13 --lcd_rst 11 --lcd_led 15 --spi_bus 1
10. Done!
If you want to start it on boot:
1. Edit main.c:
$ nano main.c
// find getchar() and replace it with a while(1) { }
// if you want, you can set default pins. Find iDC, iReset, iLED and set your pin for dc, rst and led ?
2. Add command before exit 0 in /etc/rc.local:
If you set your default pin:
/home/pi/BB-CP/bbcp --spi_bus 1 &
/home/pi/BB-CP/bbcp --lcd_dc 13 --lcd_rst 11 --lcd_led 15 --spi_bus 1 &
ive build many GBZ using Rasppberry Pi (over a dozon)....

some have come out ok

[Image: fSmxtg9.jpg]

but i'm trying to build one using a Orange Pi Lite using a 3.2" ili9341 screen (18pin)....

and my noob skills are just overwhelming me.....
i've tried many different ways (including the method listed here)....

but cannot get it to work

i'm either onnecting up the screen incorrectly or installing/enabling it wrong
or both

i get an error message at this point every time

8. Compile BB_CP:
$ cd ../BB-CP && make

i would appreciate some help on this, as i'm completely stumped
(a wiring diagram would also help)



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