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Loading page freezing
Hi, guys! I'm new on Orange Pi, but i've been using Rasp for a long time. Anyway, I've installed RetrorangePi, followed the instructions through the internet and it worked almost just fine. Couldn't play Neo Geo and MAME games, so i Googled it. Tried everything I could (change emulator, downloaded BIOS, put the roms in other places, etc), but it still didn't work. 

I was also trying to delete KODI from the main menu and then I've found someone saying to just go to RetroPie-Setup and delete it over there. Well, I saw that I could update the emulators and, why not, I did it. It took some hours and, for my horror, I can't use it anymore. Everytime I turn on the Orange, it keeps on "Loading..." page and doesn't go through it. I see that, before the loading page appears, I can press "SPACE" button so I can do something, something that I don't know what hahaha

I know that I've said three or four problems above, but, right now, I need to repair this "Loading" situation. Pressing the SPACE button, can I access something to fix it?

Thanks! Smile
Check here. It's probably a symbolic link generating an infinite loop , crashing EmulationStation

1. If it's not the exact romset/emulator match, it wont work. Mame/NEOGEO is rocket science - and
2. to delete Kodi , run 'sudo dpkg -r kodi' from command line and remove /home/pi/RetrOrangePi/kodi
You said that he should use ssh with debug option. When I press Ctrl+Alt+F1/F2, will I have the chance to turn SSH on? I'm using Samba, to move the ROMs, with a notebook that has Windows on it :/
SSH and Samba are already enabled. You can remove the folder from the network, i think it'll work. Ctrl Alt F1/F2 works when it's in terminal mode only. When ES is loading, i dont think so.

connect to pi@192.168.x.x , password pi
Thanks!! I did what you said and everything's working fine Smile

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