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OPi h5?
Is there a version I can test on the Opi0+ h5? Download seems to be limited to the h3. I'm willing to compile, though I don't have a great amount of experience with making binaries for distro.
No, there isn't available drivers for the H5/Mali duo.
Gotcha, I've also been having weird driver issues with that board. Maybe I should go to work on that. Add it to my list of "Wannados."
There is some work in progress, it's probably not too far away...
I put some gasoline over the fire....
There is H6 now with same shape of OrangePi One! Wink
Same cpu A53 but mali 720 gpu.
On driver side is more promising:
But i suppose that a lot of time is needed.
Better dont insist and focus on the actually supported systems.
I'm trying to add 2 emulators and i understand the difficulties and how hard is to find free time for developing... i understand how is difficult for the developers that have to work on all the distribution. Wink

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