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How to exit ports with gamepad?
Is there a hotkey combination similar to SELECT+START to exit ports? I managed to exit Prince of Persia via ctrl+Q, got stuck inside Solarus Engine Zelda and had to kill the process from another terminal, then I gave up and didn't test the rest...
No there isn't , as they're not retroarch cores. Most will quit with ESC or Alt+F4, maybe F12.
Hmmm, not a top priority, but maybe it could be fixed with a linux equivalent of JoyToKey, where we could map a gamepad button combination to the respective keyboard combination. A quick googling gave me this one:

In case someone has the time and knowledge to try and implement it Smile

EDIT: «QJoyPad is only meant for Linux computers and will only work in XWindows. That means it can't help you at the console». Anyway, you got the idea.
Qjoypad is already a system component , it's used in Kodi and Amiga emulator for example. It also works with a couple of ports, reconfigure the layout in Desktop mode

Edit: howto =>
Ah nice, I'll give it a try once I have time Smile

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