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Perhaps you need this information. New core and reduced heat.
Actually this info is quite old - June 6, 2016
All RetrOrangePi images already have optimal Armbian settings to avoid overheating. Anyway, most boards still need a heatsink at least and proper airflow.
Thanks for the info
Information for those who will build portable systems for games more than > = ps1 (psx), at a temperature> 64 ° C, trotting begins (the reset of frequencies from 1200 - 900 - 700 -600).
Pay great attention to cooling your SOC. In idle time, I get 62 C with a radiator the size of the SOC itself and a height of half a centimeter.
You can check in the terminal, start the game and run the command: armbianmonitor -m
I also noticed that DRAM memory works at a frequency of 408 mhz, I successfully translated it into 624mhz
h3consumption -d 624

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