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update retrorangepi
cannot update in menu  - update retrorangepi
dns work fine

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Our server is down. Still checking what's going on...
Server is back up again
Did not want to create a new topic, since the question is related to the latest update. after the update, I had a little bit of a picture in ntsc for 10-20 pixels. left and up, how to reverse this change? before everything was ok
i think i dont understand your question very well. If you are talking about our invader logo, it was always there, there was no change , depending on your boot time, it can show up by default
sorry for my bad english). I use RCA (TV OUT) before updating "update retrorangepi" hot fix + 1.0 my picture was fine, after updating the image shifted: left approximately 20 pixels. and up about 30 pixels.
OK, let me check the scripts
I remember that this correction was in the file .~/RetrOrangePi/BashTool_ROPI_RCA/Tool/bashFiles/main.SH.. maybe somewhere else
Just tried the script and it's working fine. Please check if the update ran OK and you have eight options now, otherwise try updating again.
Make sure you select the option "overscan fixed".
I updated again, changed again NTSC .. nothing has changed.
As it was before: when loading on the screen with a picture retrorangepi and orange bands also were, but after 1 second, the screen shifted right and down and then everything was loaded.
That is it was visible how the screen shifts to the right. The image was flat.
I played with this line, it seems it does not work.
sed -i -e '$i \sudo /home/pi/RetrOrangePi/overscan_fix/src/bin/Release/tvout -m -x 70 -y 40\n' /etc/rc.local

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