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Delay in USB Controller being recognised after launching a game.
(05-05-2018, 01:29 PM)alexkidd Wrote: Report your progress (y)

So, It is a strange thing that I experienced.

It seems to me that the not active ethernet connection can be caused the delay.

First of all, I plugged the ethernet cable to the ethernet port when the games started all controllers was recognised immediately. Without the active ethernet connection, I had to wait approximately 30 or 60 seconds. Unfortunately, sudo systemctl disable ssh didn't solve the delay.

In connection with my first post (you can see here:RetroOrangePi 4.1 handle the controllers with huge delay) the plugged ethernet cable solved the issue as well.

 I hope that it helps to solve this bug/issue somehow...
it gives a good hint, thanks!
My guess it is probably netplay or some network shared input timing that we must get rid of.

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