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HDMI dead on Orange Pi PC
I unburied my first orange pi, an OPi PC I had bought almost 2 years ago. I flashed a new 4.1 image and plugged it in, but I get no HDMI output (audio or video). It seems to be working ok, I let it some time in order to perform the initial install and now I can access it via ftp and ssh, but still get no image or sound. I tried it in my TVs HDMI output and on a monitor via HDMI-to-VGA adapter. Both those displays work fine with my Opi Lite.

It was working ok last time I remember, with retrorangepi v3.0.1. Is there anything I should check, before concluding it's a hardware issue?
Test 3.0.1
Nope, no luck. How can the HDMI die and the rest of the board work fine? Oh, well, I suppose I'll just keep it for a torrent server or something similar... :\

Hmmm, it starts to make some sense...
Can't you use the analog video out?
Yes, I'll do that as soon as I get an analog av cable Smile

Maybe post a warning about this issue somewhere for everyone to be aware, seems a design fault of opi boards...

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