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PROBLEM - ROMS self deleted on ROPI 4
I have 2 devices Orange PI PC and 2 sd cards 8G and 64G

I have dowloaded and installed ROPI 4 from

ROMS copied to empty folders, after rebooting devices roms folders are empty (only 1 file exits 0 bytes) on both devices.

I have fully formated sd cards and reinstall ROPI again and copied roms to folders but afer rebooting devices folders again empty (only 1 file exits 0 bytes) and no games available from GUI

What is wrong with ROPI 4 for Orange pi PC ?
Why roms are deleted every time ?
Nothing wrong with orange pi pc image, check sdcard reliability
two SD cards new, image writed succesfully.

ROMs copied to device (while it tunrned ON) and virce also succesfully, SD card is good.

reboot is deleting ROMs
really, it does not happen here. i've been trying this for months.

Double check your steps, reflash your image

send the output of the command 'dmesg' maybe there is a file corruption somewhere, or power issues.
I have reformated sd cards with "SD card formatter"
writed image with Win32Diskimager
installed (waited for install) ROPI
configured gamepad
copied roms over network (host)
checked that ROMS are available on devoce
reboot device
checked roms folder and found them empty with only file "add roms to play"

problem does not solved
I suggest you to try an alternative like Filezilla , connecting to your IP 192.168.x.x, port 22, user pi, password pi.

We just cannot reproduce this bug and cannot help any further.

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