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How to show the roms of the SD card and pendrive at the same time?
Sorry if the question has already been discussed, but I have not found anything like that.

How to view the roms that are on the SD card along with those of the pendrive (Folder USB) as it was in Retrorangepi 3?
Because when I put the pendrive, the roms of SD are inaccessible, including the menu Retropie. Only the roms of the pendrive appear.
That feature was disabled in v4.

to make it work again:
1. remove usbromservice from retropie-setup (configurations) - to avoid reading only from usb
2. reinstall usbmount (sudo apt-get install usbmount) - to enable usb automount
3. create symbolic links in the rom folder to the usb folders ( ln -s /media/usb0/romfolder/platform usb). For example , inside psx folder, type 'ln -s /media/usb0/roms/psx usb'). Your roms must be in a folder roms/psx in the pendrive
I'll try, thank you

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