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Wifi connect and default Kodi
Hi guys, please have can I connect to wifi? Im looking for a every setttings but I cant anything find. Wifi fix on desktop is not for connection. And please is possible to set Kodi 17.4 default after start?

I have Orange Pi Lite.

you didnt even mention the board. Wifi shortcut on Desktop is supposed to connect.
And yes, you can set Kodi to autostart, just click on Kodi icon on the upper bar on Desktop
Thank you for your answer and sorry Im edit my post, on this desktop icon, I have only some configs to change.
click on the Wifi Config icon on the desktop, not the one in the upper corner.
Im trying wifi config, but there is nothing were I can put ssid and password.

On openelec too i cant connect to wifi.

And how can I back to desktop from openelec?
there is probably something wrong with your install, as Opi Lite users have it working fine for a long time. You can try RetrOrangePi Wifi option from Emulationstation as well. SSIDs should automatically appear. Try reflashing the image.

To return from OpenELEC, click Programs - Retrorangepi

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