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Trouble connecting bluetooth ps4 controllers to orangepi lite board
Maybe this question was already answered in another thread or something but I looked at the initial startup, the rules, and I tried using the search function but couldn't find any solutions yet.  I'm one of the people that fell for the RetroEngine Sigma things, the only plus side to getting it was now I can finally mess around with OrangePi Lite.  The bundle came with a CSR 4.0 bluetooth dongle and before I was able to setup 2 different PS4 controllers to it, but after I started running into problems I reflashed the 32GB Micro SD card with OrangePi Lite, so now I'm running that.  For some reason when I try to setup my PS4 controllers via bluetooth, it doesn't pickup that the controller is trying to pair, even though I held the PS button and share button to make it start flashing so I know I did the right step there, I just can't get it connected for some reason.  Has anyone else come across this problem?
i'll test this again. I got to work last time, but i was failing to keep the connection after autodisabling the controller

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