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Please help with 3 questions
Hi, could you please me with 3 questions? 

1 - Is it possible to save state?

2 - Is it possible to choose themes, are there themes to select or is just the default?

3 - I was following this tutorial:

I have a SD Card with 32GB Class 10, I flashed with the RetrOrange image (.img), but my SD Card create 2 more partitions so:

first partition - 5~GB for the RetrOrange image not writeable
second partition - formatted with some few mbs
third - unformatted partition with the 27 GB.

Is it correct? Will I be able to format and put games inside of this new partition inside the SD card?

I thought that It will flash the SD card, use the space needed to the image and with the free space (using same partition) I put the roms that I wanted.

Thank you.
1 and 3 are in the basic instructions thread
Themes can be installed from Retropie section - ES themes , check retropie wiki for the official theme list
Btw, it's a Linux system, you cannot see the partition in Windows.

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