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RetrOrangePi handheld project
I'd just like to share a project I have been working on. Goal was to build a handheld gaming device for as cheap as possible. So far has come in at around $20 usd. 
Computer is an OrangePi Zero
Screen in an 2.8 inch  ili9341 tft
Joystick is full analog (for emulators that support it) and is hooked up to the orange pi via an ads1015 analog to digital convertor.
Next steps:
Get audio going through some mini speakers.
3d print a case for it

Big thanks to all the contributors to the RetrOrangePi project.

Awesome, congrats. Can you describe your steps to make the screen work? Many people ask about that TFT model.
i too would be very interested to learn how to interact with that screen
Following on from a topic on here, I tried my luck with BB-CP. As discussed in that topic, the frame rate isn't great (and it pretty heavy on the cpu) but most games are still quite playable. I found reducing the resolution of the screen for fb0 to 240 x320 helped things a little.

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