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h3disp and 1366x768
Hello! Big Grin  im a newbie on this forum (and in the OPI world too) and have a question about the resolution of RetrOrangepi 4.1 PC.

My tv works on 1366x768 and looking in the options in h3disp doesn't appears, i tried with "h3disp -m 34" for 1360x768 and the screen goes black. so fix with putty and put in 720p mode for try "-m 1366x768" and said illegal reso.

everythings works fine but id like to fix the little desktop resolution problem on my tv
unfortunately we cannot offer a solution. From what we've been investigating, some resolutions are not compatible with the legacy kernel used in our image. And there is still no expected migration to mainline kernel.
i see... thanks for the fast answer.

can another resolution keep the aspect ratio of 1366x768? only the corners of the desktop mode are missing, the emulationstation and retroarch works fine
1280x720 and 1366x768 have close to equal aspect. Problem is the overscan with some HD screens, it's fixable using the remote control aspect function or using an HDMI-VGA adapter
check this:
also search for hdmi overscan and you'll see

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