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I need help about run game and gamelist!
1. i want use chinese in gamelist ,how to do?
2. I put the game in the arcade folder and displayed it, but it will return to the game list after running. Why?
1. you have to select Update RetrOrangePi from RetroPie-RetrOrangePi menu, then a Translation option should appear afterwards
2. check the 6th question in this thread -
2. The Arcade folder has the option to use a lot of emulators, Mame2003,2010,2014,FBAlpha etc. ect. Sometimes you need to select the proper emulator.
You can preconfig this at \\RETRORANGEPI\configs\all\emulators.cfg
For the Arcade folder I copied a Wills Arcade collection v3.3 and added the list to this cfg file like:
arcade_gangwars = "lr-mame2003"
arcade_ganryu = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_gaplus = "lr-mame2003"
arcade_gardia = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_garou = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_garyoret = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_gaunt22p = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_gaunt2p = "lr-mame2003"
arcade_gauntlet2p = "lr-fbalpha"

Just google on the game you are trying to play, best emu will probably be mentioned somewhere.

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