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Screen rotation

I was wondering if it is possible to rotate the screen for retrorangepi. I know this is possible in retropie by editing the config file, but I have been unable to do it in retrorangepi. I have an lcd that has a weird viewing angle, and rotating it 180 degrees and having the monitor upside down makes it much more visible.

Thanks so much!
Out of the box no, it's a kernel setting we still have to test if it works or not
Is it configurable from the command line, or does it require reworking of code? I can test commands for you if you like, but I am not super Linux knowledgeable.
Kernel must be configured for rotation, I will add to kernel configuration and test soon
In 2018, it is possible to rotate the screen?
no, please open an issue in our github so we can keep track of changes needed
totally forgot this thread
I did it. Thank you.

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