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How do you setup etcher on armbian?
I downloaded the 32bit app image file but have had no luck trying to get it installed. Want to be able to write images for other pis.
we only use DD for flashing or creating images.
What's dd and how do you set it up or can you help me with the process I recently lost my desktop pc so all I have is my pis
what exactly do you want to achieve?
I downloaded dd utility and tried to install it still having issues said I needed u devil and zenity
I was able to get a copy of the udevil file haven't tested it yet tho can't seem to download a copy of zenity from my phone and I have no Internet for my pi since I live in the sticks I have to manually download each thing and install through terminal

I need to be able to burn images on my orangepi zero 2 h3 that I am currently using. For my orange pi zero and my banana pi zero and my raspberry pi zero w that I have. I don't have a windows computer. I was cheated out of mine from a hotel I was staying at. So I am just trying to figure this stuff out as I go.
you would need the system on emmc to be able to flash an image to sdcard

check dd command syntax, something like this

sudo dd bs=4M if=/home/pi/imagename.img of=/dev/mmcblk1
I still haven't been able to get dd manually installed it needed two other programs that I tried to manually install neither of which worked.

There's got to be an easier method of installing stuff on Linux offline. This is ridiculous.
AFAIK, dd is a core command, already installed on every linux OS i have used,even ancient ones.

dunno what you're failing at

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