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Picked Up my Orange pi plus 2 after a while
Big Grin 
Hejo Retrorangepi Team and the rest of the forum,

i used my good old orange pi from time to time to try out some arm stuff, but always liked retrorange pi. It was just a bumper that v3.x was not able to play my n64 games ( at least not all ). Last weekend i saw a release update and was hyped for it. So i installed it and now the n64 games are playable partially. Now my keyboard seems to keep a initial configuration or something like that, because control is now the A button and shift is B Button (or vice versa sry that i forgot it). Same strange behavior goes with my gamepad. It was working beforehand on 3.x and i saw some others here also had some issues. The strange part it, that all the buttons work in emulationstation and armbian desktop. I believe it is specific to the configurations of all the emulators, so can someone please point me to the right configuration. Or shall i just wait for 4.2 ?

Thanks in advance for the help and hopefully you have fun developing retrorange pi  Big Grin and keep up the good work.
Better wait for v4.2. It's closer to release and it seems to sort the mapping issue

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