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Cheap LCD for Orange Pi 2G-IOT
Hi all! I'm evaluating a project to build in serie of different prototipes, it is important that the hardware has few impact in terms of time,using a shield with LCD needs wiring the pins and so on, I would take instead advance of the LCD connector.
I can find only one type of LCD compatible that is a sort of mobile cover with display and touchscreen.. I would need only LCD module and it can be good also a simple one, B/W no colours, no particular resolution, I have just to display chars, no graphic is needed. My questions are:

Is this connector a standard one? Are around displays with this kind of connector?
Do you know the name of this particular connector?
Thank you!
no answers here? Sad
(07-15-2018, 10:03 PM)Barabba Wrote: no answers here? Sad

this forum is the worst for someone getting back to you.....

i've even asked the admin, and he cant even be bothered    Huh

really disappointing

There is not much activity here, besides the RetrOrangePi forum , that I support daily. Other questions should probably go to the official forum or the Armbian one.
Thank you for your kind answers, at least you did )
The foruma seams even worst for that, no one interested on answer there too. I'll search now Armbian, thank you!

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