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Orangepi, this stranger.
Hi guys, I have an Orange PI Lite, which I'm learning to know ...
I confess that I am fasting Linux, Retropie, Retrorange Pi (from what I understand is a variant of Retropie), etc ....
So I started hacking and searching for information, but the network is really poor in information (or at least I found very little information) on Orange PI and RetrOrange PI.

Start from the beginning:

I downloaded the RetrOrange PI image from its source site:

Mounted this image sull'orange pi lite, I managed to set the various commands, to insert for now the Rom of Mame, Final Burn Alpha, the Nintendo Game Boy and some other console, just to try them ....

The procedure for the Roma is very simple, just copy them to the respective folders in:

Desktop - Retropie - Roms - DESIRED EMULATOR.

For MAME, I noticed that two emulators are pre-installed, that is MAME2003 and Advance Mame ....
I could not figure out how to choose the emulator since I have the Mset2003 rom set (0.78)
but there is no AdvanceMame that is compatible with my romset, but unfortunately it is not "NO-NAG" and therefore a big interruption ...
I solved that it is by pure chance, putting the rom, rather than in the folders of the respective mames, in the folder called "ARCADE",
so from the retropie menu I will not choose mameadance anymore to play but ARCADE very simply ...

The last thing I could not solve in an orthodox way is how to remove any emulator from the retropie menu.
Well, to overcome this, I tried to open emulation folders that do not interest me at the moment
and copy their contents into a subfolder created at the time and by magic that emulator has disappeared from the retropie menu.

Ok now, let's move on to the problem that I can not solve ....

- PROBLEM: I can not insert the emulators' snaps (for now I'm trying and re-testing several times with the mame)
There is no verse ... I tried to load them in folders everywhere (perhaps, indeed certainly omitting the exact)
 I also created the snapshot folder, which from what I saw, does not exist in the mame folders ...
Do you have any plans, or better still some guides, to help me with this problem and others that I could meet in the future with RETRORANGE PI?

Sorry for the long speech, and thank you in advance to those who will give me a few minutes.
Orazio (cyborg)
yes , there is not much info apart from our effort and Lakka guys work

adding and running roms is pretty much the same from raspberry RetroPie:
- for Mame2003 , put roms in mame-libretro folder (or Arcade, then choose mame2003 core as default)
- for AdvanceMame, put roms in mame-advmame (their page contains a torrent i wont mention here for obvious reasons)

to remove emulators from the frontend, just remove their folders (yes, it's what you found out)

About snaps, that's not how RetroPie (or RetrOrangePi works). Every platform requires a gamelist.xml with correct paths. And there is only one way to do it manually in a quick way which is through GENGAL. Other alternatives that will do the job for you (SSELPH SCRAPER, available from RetroPie-Setup - configuration menu OR UXS - Universal XML Scraper, that will require some more learning, both will download all info again from the server) .

We should have an UXS guide soon, but there are many video tutorials out there for all of them
Thank you so much alexkidd, you've been kind.
I'll take a look at "GENGAL" and some videos on the net to understand something.
Thanks a lot to you guys for the efforts you make for this platform (orange Pi).
I own it recently, just because I read it, and it intrigued me.
Thanks again, I will keep you updated if I make progress Wink

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