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Disclaimer / basic instructions

RetrOrange Pi is a non profit project.
It consists of a basic Retropie setup with most Libretro cores on top of an Armbian Jessie Desktop version pre-installed.

Much of the software included in the image have non-commercial licences. Because of this, selling a pre-installed RetrOrange image is not legal, neither including it with your commercial product is. As it relies on other people’s work with our own features, we won't be offering any help in customizations to avoid rebranding or reselling.

Support the project:

If you appreciate our work, feel free to support the project. Donate!

Also support the core developers:

Installation instructions:
1. Download the latest image from

Uncompress image:
  • Linux: 7zr x imagename.7z   
  • Windows:  WinRAR, 7-Zip  (make sure you get a file with extension .img afterwards

3.Flash image to an SD card:
  • Linux: sudo dd bs=4M if=imagename.img of=/dev/XXX (identify target with care by running ‘sudo fdisk –l’ to avoid data destruction)
  • Windows: use Win32DiskImager

4. Insert card into the board and power on

Important information:
  • In case your board does not seem to boot,  try to reformat your sd card with SDFormatter 4.0 by Trendy (with size adjustment on) or Linux GParted (delete all partitions and recreate one), try a different power supply (real 2A) and sdcard (original,  class10 recommended), and last but not least make sure to be connected to HDMI 720 compatible TV (no DVI adapters)  

  • On first boot it will automatically install the system, resize sd card and reboot again, please be patient [Image: smile.png]

  • Default usernames and passwords are: user pi / password pi / superuser root / password orangepi . Avoid using root user.

  • Emulators are already installed, but they only appear in EmulationStation when roms are added.

  • To add ROMs, simply drop files in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/$CONSOLE folder, where $CONSOLE is the name of the target console, e.g. snes or arcade.  You can launch Desktop from EmulationStation and plug an USB drive with your ROMs. Roms folders are also samba shares.
HOTKEYS - works for all libretro cores (most platforms), except standalone emulators like Mupen64plus (N64), Reicast (Dreamcast), PPSSPP (PSP), LinApple (Apple II), Vice (Commodore), UAE4ARM (Amiga)

· Select+Start → Exit Game
· Select+Right Shoulder → Save State
· Select+Left Shoulder → Load State
· Select+Right → Save Slot Increase
· Select+Left → Save Slot Decrease
· Select+X → RetroArch Menu
· Select+B → Reset Game

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