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Try to reborn my Orange pi plus 2
Hejo Retrorangepi Team and the rest of the Forum,

i checked this Weekend if there was any updates for my issue described here and voila slim 4.2 is testable. So i flashed my sd Card and see if all my issues are fixed. Partially they are Shy . So here is my report and also the reason why i made a new thread.

The Key bindings seem to work on the n64 Emulator if I'm using glide as Emulator. If im using mupenplus64 it's working partially. It seems that my A button got mapped onto the x button. My X Button -> Y  Button, the Y Button -> B Button and my B Button -> A Button. So a clounterclockwise binding issue. I see also the same behavouir when i go into retroarch and start the joypad testapplication. The rest is corectly binded. When i switch to for example the gba Emulator everthing works like a charm. So my Question how can i generate a nice log file for you or what files should i paste here so you can see the issue. Just to remeber this only happens in the Emulators in the emultorstation it works perfect.

An other issue i found is that None of my snes games are working. Regardless if im switching the Emulators. So is there a trick im just not aware of ?

These are my first issue and impressions with the new Version. I also had Kind of lags in the game but i assume thats because of my crappy sd Card.

Thanks for the work and if i can provide more informations please tell me how.

All of you have a nice Weekend

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