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Dead USB Ports. Retrorangepi 4.2 Full Version
Updated from ver 4.2 slim to ver 4.2 full but USB ports are not recognizing any of my connected USB devices (wired PS3 controllers, wired fight stick with zero delay encoder, wireless mouse & keyboard, wired USB keyboard & mouse). Tried formatting sd and writing 4.2 full to card again but issue persisted. Using retrorangepi 4.2 full image for orangepi plus on an orangepi plus 2. Am I using the correct image? I used the slim ver on my board without issue.
Update on my post, just rechecked the image and download site. it seems in my haste I downloaded the ROPI PC+ image instead of the ROPI PLUS/PLUS2 image. No download option for the ROPI PLUS/PLUS2 as of writing. Is there a way to migrate from 4.2 slim to 4.2 slim plus on the pi itself?
Check this file:


Change it to "echo 0" if it's different.
We need to check Armbian build script, looks like there isnt an option for Pi Plus. Only Plus2E.
(09-05-2018, 12:30 PM)alexkidd Wrote: We need to check Armbian build script, looks like there isnt an option for Pi Plus. Only Plus2E.
Is the build script in question a fork specifically for ROPI or is it the official Armbian release? 

Thanks for your hard work.
official Armbian with minor tweaks we have to do to add our content

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