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Changing Button From Reboot to Shutdown
Someone in a now closed thread asked if the top right button could be changed from reboot to shutdown. I have found the following solution to work:

Edit the following line in /home/pi/RetroPie/retropiemenu/RetrOrangePi/GPIO/

sudo reboot

sudo poweroff

It's still necessary to slide the power switch when shutdown is complete, the same as you would have to when shutting down via Emulation Station menu.
yes, i intend to add some more options to a menu , just like the Power Button Feature available in RetrOrangePi , for OrangePi boards. Sticking this thread. Thanks.
While this is incredibly handy, is there a hibernation/wake function that could be used instead? Between the 2+ minutes it takes to fully boot and the minute it takes to shutdown, i gets very frustrating taking this out to use and putting it away when done. Not at all ideal for a portable. If we could use the GPIO button for sleeping/waking it could save us all a lot of trouble, but I don't know if such a command is even an option.
It's probably doable but screen cannot be turned off by software AFAIK so it won't be a real suspend, battery would drain anyway.

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