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Wifi Error: either "dev" is a duplicate or "wlan3" is a garbage

In retrorangepi version RetrOrangePi 4.2 FULL "SLIM PLUS" for RETROSTONE when i try to use wifi, eg install 3rd party app I keep getting this error:
either "dev" is a duplicate or "wlan3" is a garbage

I see wifi dongle is connected. It worked fine in SLIM version while in this it doesn't.

Any ideas?
Armbian DNS config is strange , so we have to force some custom settings. In this case, i suggest you edit the interfaces file:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

in eth0 line, change from dhcp to manual
in wlan0 line, change to wlan3

save - reboot - test
I left dhcp automatic but found changed wlan0 to wlan3. Now it seems that it works fine. I' m testing. Thanks!

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