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Enable SpDIF-output (some soldering required)
I activated SPDIF-output:
bin2fex /boot/script.bin > ~/script.fex
edit script.fex:
spdif_used = 1
spdif_dout = portTongueA17<2><1><default><default>
hub_used = 0
codec_used = 1
spdif_used = 1
hdmi_used = 1
sudo mv /boot/script.bin /boot/script.bin.bak
sudo fex2bin script.fex /boot/script.bin
(you can also modprobe modules directly, so you don't have to reboot)
dmesg says:
[ 9.869689] asoc: sndspdif <-> spdif0 mapping ok
pi@RetrOrangePi:~$ cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [audiocodec ]: audiocodec - audiocodec
1 [sndhdmi ]: sndhdmi - sndhdmi
2 [sndspdif ]: sndspdif - sndspdif
Tiny problem though... Where is easiest way to make connection to PA17? Is it even possible?
PA17 is pin 4 in camera connector. Soldering is not easy, but possible. It would be possible to do SPDIF-adaptor for camera-connector.
I soldered cable to pin 4 and took GND from GPIO-header. Audio works. Also passthrough DD and DTS works.

 I used very cheap USB solderin iron. My only iron with very sharp tip:
react-text: 818

/react-text I tested with DD and DTS passthrough and as suspected, it works.
I tested with mplayer and VLC:

cvlc --alsa-audio-device hw:2,0 --spdif "Bjorn_Lynne-Voyager_(surround).ac3"

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=2.0 -ac hwac3 "Bjorn_Lynne-Voyager_(surround).ac3"

cvlc --alsa-audio-device hw:2,0 --spdif --novideo dtspiano.vob

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=2.0 -ac hwdts -vo null dtspiano.vob

hello.I am a newbie.I use orange pi lite with retroorangepi.Where do i write the code.I have soldered red led+(status led) PA17/SPDIF_OUT AND pin 6 GND.But i don't know where to write the code.
convert boot script file: "sudo bin2fex /boot/script.bin ~/script.fex"
edit file: sudo nano ~/script.fex
convert back: sudo fex2bin ~/script.fex /boot/script.bin
??? Is it done by some program??? I am good at hardware not with software.Can you explain with more details.Thanks in advance.
Some reading is required then:

the boot script is edited exactly as instructed above
and i'm not good at hardware, so it's up to you now :p
I can't do it.I upload the script file.Can anyone do this for me.

Why I can't upload the file .I tryed as zip too..???
Hi all,
If I good understand it is possible to connect the fiber optic transmitting module to Orange Pi PC and it Will be work with 5.1 sound also? I think I will be try to use TOTX177PL Toshiba
This module will be adequate?

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