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Having issues writing 4.2 full to ntsc opizero
I've used etcher the win32 writer and even tried using the rasp card imager and tried dd in armbian.
Still had no luck. All writes went through with no errors.
I used this link to help with dd.
Still after all writes it doesn't boot I get the lights from the ether net port to come on but do not blink as well as the led near the power port.
I get no video from any of the tries I went through to write the image has anyone else had issues with there orange pi zero. The only other conclusion I can come up with is the writes were just fine it was just the video cable that might have went bad since there not the best of quality. However I was hoping someone could possibly be having the same issue. I did try the 4.2 slim a week back and it booted just fine. I'm going to be redownloadin it later this week to see if the slim version still works at that time I can only conclude is there's an issue with the image I downloaded. But very unlikely since I extracted it fine with no errors. Which I assumed meant there was no problem with the data. Any help would be great.

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