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Default video mode for emulator
Hi in retropie it is possible to configure the video mode when launching an emulator
[Image: b65c94ee-69ff-11e5-9195-f6a996f4b35b.png]

I'm in 1280x1024 in emulstation and I need to be in 640x480 max in mame in order to activate my scanline generator board:
[Image: sc-scanline-generator-cote2.jpg]

where is this "select default video mode" option? I only see this
[Image: res.jpg]
Probably a raspberry pi-only feature
ok so I'm stuck in 1280x1024 unless I start emulstation in 640x480. I've already test it but the menu is really ugly
For now I don't think I can give you a solution. You can probably try messing with retroarch video configs, never tested this myself

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