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How hot is too hot for the RetroStone?

I know the Retrostone is using the h3 chip but I am not sure what the recommended and max temperature range is for the RetroStone.

I am using the armbianmonitor command from an ssh shell to monitor temp:
sudo armbianmonitor -M

The readings will go over 70c after about 15-20 minutes. At times the unit will start to freeze at this point. I try to shutdown before it gets much over 70c.

I've read that the H3 chips run hot but I can't find a spec that clearly states the max temp.

Anyone know what it is?

Depend on the board and airflow conditions. But i would say 80 overall. Banana Pis are more sensitive, beyond 65 they start to throttle, an Orange Pi PC works fine up to 75. Retrostone is in a case, so expect it to be sensitive as well

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