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A single .PBP file is ignored so gamelist.xml did not work
It seems the emulationstation is having some limitation in detecting any bigger size file.

My guess is any file which exceeds 2GB, for instance, the .PBP file of Final Fantasy VIII (2160718KB, around 2.06GB). The game can be launched and working fine. It's just the emulationstation unable to to detect it. Even my gamelist.xml and images all are fine and working with no errors for other games, it ended up only this FF8 game, emulationstation cannot view out the image/metadata.

The reason I came to such conclusion is by referring to es_log.txt and there's a line like this:

lvl1: File "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx/Final Fantasy VIII.PBP" does not exist! Ignoring.

Final Fantasy IX is around 1.75GB and emulationstation detects it but for FF8 seems no luck.

Already posted in reddit and replied to a related topic in retropie uk forum but got an answer from moderator. He asked me to update emulationstation since they already made it support 2GB rom. I knew clearly we on ROPi should not simply upgrade emulationstation but I still did that. The update messed things up and the issue did not solve but I am suspecting it would not solve on RetroPie too.

My concern is, does the latest 4.2 ROPi image include latest emulationstation with that new feature? Or any help in solving this issue?

Post to refer:
nano RetroPie-Setup/scriptmodules/supplementary/

in sources section, change branch from master to full then try updating again

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